S n o w s h o e i n g


Snowshoeing in Les Gets gives you the unique opportunity to really discover the peace, tranquillity and wildlife that is only a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of the resort village and busy ski slopes.

It's an opportunity to meet like minded people whilst enjoying a great social activity - moving over the surface of the snow with ease you can enjoy spectacular views and unspoiled wilderness of the mountain winter wonderland. 

It is often said by many 'snowshoers' that if you can walk, then you can snowshoe!

Half day trek; 60 euros per person, includes snowshoes and poles with a maximum of ten people per group.  We will be out for around 3 hours including a relaxing stop with hot chocolate and a treat!  We can always have plenty of time to take photos and enjoy the views with the chance to discover tracks left in the snow by all the wee beasties of the forest!

Full day trek; 80-100 euros per person, as above with the snowshoes and poles.  On the full day trek we generally go out 10 - 4pm, but this is flexible to suit the group, which on this trek would be a maximum of five people.  A more extensive trip with the opportunity to delve deeper into the wilder wilderness.

Nightshoeing; this is a lovely group activity suitable for children and families, we need a minimum of six people for this trip.  Join us for this moonlit soiree, trekking under the stars over the sparkling snow, enjoy your vin chaud in the depths of the forest with the option to finish up at a mountain restaurant for a traditional alpine dinner. Packages tailored and priced specifically for your group, enquire for details.

Family groups; if you would like a family half day with your youngsters and perhaps the grand parents, contact us and we can organise a trek just for you!




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